solo shows:   
year: date: organisation / location: description / work:
2012 nov 24th to dec 23rd Croxhapox Art Space Ghent / Belgium

carsleeper 2011 in progress

2011 may 7th to june 26th Arena Vestfossen / Norway (near Oslo) "sleeping beauty syndrome I" installation - surround sound - prints - solo exhibition
2009 oct 2nd to nov 15 th "Young Artist Prize" - Aachen Solo Show at the "Kunst aus NRW" former Reichsabtei Aachen-Kornelimünster
2008 may 17th to june 13th KJUBH - Artspace Cologne "sleeping beauty syndrome I" installation - surround sound - prints - solo exhibition
2007 feb 2nd to 17th march Gallery Dieter Reitz Berlin "Welcome to SAGACITY" solo exhibition
2006 july 6th to 15th

moltkereiwerkstatt - cologne

"little plastic surgery" installation with sculpture, table, video etc.
"fat" video object
"digital plastic surgery" photos
"trophies" wall object
"ingenting" kinetic installation

2004 nov 05th to nov 11th rachel haferkamp
gallery - cologne
slumber, spit & ...
2003 dec 5th to 12th project room projetdeux -
IVAGINATIONS - sculpture/photo/3D/animation -
Single Exhibition details
2003 april 24th to may cologne germany
galerie projektraum
IVAGINATIONS - sculpture/photo/3D/animation -
Single Exhibition details
group shows: 
year: date: organisation / location: description / work:
2012 11th oct to 3rd nov noordkap - dortrecht, nederlands Final Exhibition of the European tour about the rise of Populism of the Noordkaap Tour 2011 - 2012:
2012 6th to 27th july la barra en llamas - guadalajara, méxico The End of Loneliness
Curatorial project by Jan Van Woensel
Artists: Hamza Halloubi, Oliver Kunkel and Eveline Lambrechts
La Barra en Llamas program.
Sala Juárez. Laboratorio de Arte Variedades
Opening July 6th
2012 1st to 3rd june human bike - bergamo, italy

Human Bike Project - Temporary Black Space
presented work: "exit" 2011

2012 11th to 29th april friese artspace hamburg

Taro Furukata, Alireza Ghandchi, Aisuke Kondo, Oliver Kunkel (sleeping beauty syndrome I), Melanie Nazmy-Ghandchi, Markus Shimizu, Atsushi Tawa, Koki Watanabe, Andreas Sell

2012 3rd to 5th february noordkap exhibition project from dortrecht in cologne at "jack in the box" Arturo Hernendez Alcazar (Mexico Stadt), Hans van den Ban (Amsterdam), Nada van Dalen (Dordrecht), Dan Dryer (Koeln), Foundland (Amsterdam), Fabian Hesse (Muenchen), Oliver Kunkel (Koeln) (Nachtischtour - work title), Daan den Houter (Rotterdam), Filippo Minelli (Brescia), Federico D'Orazio (Den Bosch/ Bangkok) en Art van Triest (Utrecht) -
2011 july 2nd to august 20th gallery van bau / arena vestfossen / norway

Ja schade, war echt ne schoene Stadt

Betty Beier, Julia Buennagel, Eli Cortinas, Dan Dryer, Valeria Fahrenkrog, Gesine Grundmann, Oliver Kunkel, Linda Nadji, Kathrin Sehl, Shigeru Takato, Sarah Katrine Thiesen, Bernhard Walter

2011 march Monty Artspace / Antwerp THE DEMONS THAT TEMPT ME - Antwerp - Curator: Jan Van Woensel - ISLAND Video
2010 sept 11th to oct 30th Biennale Poznan --- Mediations 2010 - Poland for the first time "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome I + II" will be exhibited at the same time! The video piece "Island" will be also shown.

aug 27th to aug 29th

BM Mediale Kunstpreis Presentation at Abtei Brauweiler - Pulheim "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome I" installation
will be probably shown
2010 aug 14th to aug 22nd "bluecoast" - office düsseldorf/eller
2010 feb 1st to 7th New Talents at
Landesvertretung NRW Hiroshimastraße 12-16, 10785 Berlin
"bluecoast" - trade fair booth - berlin
2009 jan 23rd to march 23rd Akademie der Künste Berlin - Pariser Platz "embedded art" Sleeping Beauty Syndrome II -
2009 jan 26th Hotch Potch different video works - Oslo / Norway
2008 nov 13th to dec 20th
Gallery Dieter Reitz Berlin

3. Europäischen Monats der Fotografie Berlin 2008
Different Visions: --- Helga Griffiths - Nan Hoover - Alireza Ghandchi - Oliver Kunkel - Timo Ohler - Thomas Sturm

2008 aug 16th to aug 24th New Talents - Rheinauhafen - Cologne "bluecoast" - a firm is going global
2008 may 24th to june 5th Rythmus - Künstlerverein Walkmühle Wiesbaden "ingenting"
2008 jan 11th to feb 9th Gallery Dieter Reitz Berlin

21 Videopositionen --- Helga Griffiths / Nan Hoover / Oliver Kunkel / Timo Ohler / Jörg Oswald

2007 july 29th to aug 1st

TMD at Stellwerk Artspace at Kulturbahnhof Kassel
(during DOCUMENTA 12)

TMD is an art group, I am cooperating with
2007 july 14th to aug 10th

Exhibition at Kassel
Treppenstrasse 10
(during DOCUMENTA 12)

Artists from Iran:  Alireza Ghandchi , Farkhondeh Shahroudi --- Germany: Helga Griffith, Oliver Kunkel --- and Israel: Noam Braslavsky, Uri Katzenstein

2007 june 25th to 30th 13.Rencontres Internationales - Berlin
"mosquitobox" video
2007 april 28th to may 5th 12.Rencontres Internationales - Madrid
"mosquitobox" video
2007 apr 13th to may 5th TMD at "Togetherhold" -
Cooperation Exhibition at
BLAST OffSpacE Cologne
TMD is an artgroup i am cooperating with - the piece we where showing was an "INFOSCREEN"
2007 feb 10th to march 11th Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW - Kunstpalast Düsseldorf "Little Plastic Surgery" - Installation, 3D Video
2007 feb 1st to march 4th Pasinger Fabrik INVASION 5 with Intervention - "fly or die" - video installation
2006 nov 23nd to dec 3rd 11.Rencontres Internationales - Paris
"mosquitobox" video
2006 nov 1st to 5th 40th art cologne 2006 khm koje
"ingenting" kinetic installation and "tropies"
2006 sept 23rd Kunstfilmbiennale Cologne, at KW - kunstwerke berlin
"island" video
2006 sept 8th to oct 14th "smells like cologne"
zolla lieberman gallery - chicago - usa
gallery website
group exhibition- curated by: Young Sun Han
"mosquitobox" - object, video, photo
"spit" - photos / "hobnob" video and photo
2006 aug 17th to aug 24th 13th Chicago Underground Film Festival
"island" video
2006 may 10th to june 18th european media art festival osnabrück
“spit” – video installation with two screens
2006 jan 26th to march 5th

"Satellite of Love"

witte de with, center for contemporary art

"island" - video
2005 nov 8th to 13th dokfest – monitoring - kassel

“spit” – video installation with two screens &
“island” video &
"mosquitobox" video

2005 oct 19 th to 24th kunstfilmbiennale - cologne “island” - video
2005 oct 7th to 16th gallery mason gross
school of the arts
new jersey, usa - Guten tag und aufwiedersehen
“island” - video
Ohne Titel - Tree Images
2005 sept 8th to 20th touch me festival - zagreb –croatia - «intelligence abuse» MOSQUITOBOX - video documentation -destroyed sculpture
2005 may 12th to may 13th

schauspielhaus düsseldorf

iwill website

i will theatre project with rosemarie trockel and the class from the academy duesseldorf - and others
2005 jan 16th to may 20th play! - stadtmuseum düsseldorf participation of the exhibition with the class of rosemarie trockel - posters of each artist belong to the theme
2004 dez 12th to may sauber oder rein
dasa - dortmund
HOBNOB - dvd documentation and 160x100 photo details
2004 oct 26th to oct 29th rheinschau
alternate artfair - cologne
FLY - object with flies - they can't fly
2004 mar 20th to oct24th be clean ...! -
musée d’histoire -
de la ville de
performance HOBNOB - toilet with body - also video documentation and photo details
2004 jan 10th to 11th arcart04 - tromsø
kunstforening - norway
MOSQUITOBOX - documentation - photo details
2003 dec 5th to 12th project room projetdeux -
IVAGINATIONS - sculpture/photo/3D/animation -
Single Exhibition details
2003 oct 2nd to 12th intimacy -
beyond media 03

stazione leopolda – florence italy
performance HOBNOB - toilet with body - also video documentation and photo details
2003 june 17th to 28th break 2.2 festival - ljubljana - slovenia MOSQUITOBOX details
2003 april 24th to may cologne germany
galerie projektraum
IVAGINATIONS - sculpture/photo/3D/animation -
Single Exhibition details

grants /
prizes /



organisation: description:
2012   Ortlieb Waterproof bike bags
2011   anonymous / Cologne Private Working Grant - material for 10.000 €
2010   Ideal Spaten Digging tools for 2 projects
2009 oct Medien Art Award
BM Mediale

6.000 € and an Exhibition at
Abtei Brauweiler - Pulheim

2009 oct "young artist" Förderpreis Aachen solo show at "Kunst aus NRW" Aachen - Kornelimünster + Publication
2006 feb - july anonymous / USA Private Working Grant - 6.000 € - for the production of five new works - called - WELCOME to SAGACITY
2005 oct DAAD - travel grant for an exhibition in new jersey


location: description:
2010 1st march

Art+Science Now: Artists Working at the Frontiers of Science and Technology, written and edited by Stephen Wilson, Thames &
Hudson, june 2010


Hardback: 208 Pages
Publisher: Thames & Hudson (1st March 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0500238685
ISBN-13: 978-0500238684
Size: 27,6 x 24 x 2,8 cm

order at AMAZON

2004 april

»be clean ...!«

»Sei sauber ...!«
Eine europäische Kulturgeschichte der Hygiene


Hg. Musée d’Histoire de la ville de Luxembourg
Hardback: 368 pages with more than 200 colored picutres
Publisher:Wienand Verlag; Auflage: 1 (April 2004)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3879098379
ISBN-13: 978-3879098378
Size: 22 x 26 cm

order at AMAZON



location: description:
2008 oct 18th marineo - palermo / italy artist talk - general presentation of my work
2008 june 14th kjubh kunstverein cologne artist talk - sleeping beauty syndrome I
2007 feb 8th

nüans artspace düsseldorf
infos Ellerstrasse 187
40227 Düsseldorf -

talk and presentation of my works
2004 nov 10th galerie rachel haferkamp cologne - during my exhibition talk - about my work

curator activities:



location: description:
2010   KVKM - at Halle 15 Belgium Artists - together with Jan van Woensel
2009   KVKM - at Halle 15  
2008   Halle15  
2007 oct Video Program - Excelsior Hotel Cologne different video artists - curated together with timothy shearer
2006 sept 14th Video Program – junge Kunstfreunde Cologne / Filmforum NRW / Museum Ludwig Cologne There where shown 35 videos of students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and friends / DJ act / exhibition – curated together with Timothy Kent Shearer and Alexandra Ventura Corceiro
2006 may 19th Video Program – junge Kunstfreunde Cologne – Wallraf Richartz Museum Cologne There where shown 18 videos of 20 students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne / VJ act / paintings and conceptual works